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Lisa Hennig-Olsen

Contemporary Artist



Lisa Hennig-Olsen (she /her, b.1990, NO) is an interdisciplinary contemporary artist based in Amsterdam/ Kristiansand/ New York. About her practice, she says:

My interdisciplinary practice moves between the ephemeral and temporal, consisting of academic research amalgamated with material and bodily investigation taking form as performance art, moving image, painting and sculpture. Probing ethical discourses, I create activist and feminist statements and edutainment through task creation, physical and spatial scores, and experiments.

Her artworks and performance engagements have been distinct, ranging from dancing with excavators in the Arctic Circle, to perfume making based on DNA-research, to a guerilla-performance protest in Mayfair on International Women’s Day.

Researching the paradoxes and complexities of the female experience, Lisa investigates the juxtaposition of systemic patriarchy and the liberation of women. Her practice seeks to contribute to societal change, targeting learnt societal norms that do not offer equal benefits.

Deriving from visceral sensory connections, Lisa’s artwork is both compositional and poetic as it unfolds through physicality as live art. Through precise movement and deliberate presence, she induces a power play. She presents her solemn, surrealistic work with a serious and sincere mien. A valuable research question for the artist is whether live art can keep its true value through the Cyber Gaze. Moving from the ephemeral to the temporal, her installation work asks whether residue of live-art such as scent, porcelain or paint left behind after a performance can challenge the value of residual form and become an artwork in itself.

Her written work has strong connections to performance and live art scores, both in its manner and approach in conjunction with its unravelling. Her three most recent essays, written for the courses Critical Thinking and Discourses in Design at Parsons School of Design - New School, Mary-go-round: no virgin: NOT yours – the carousel of the cyber gaze, gender and live art, Nowness: Searching for nectar in a pathogenic uproar and The Pensive Abyss received top marks.

Having had formal training in performance, dance, voice work and physical theatre, she has taught workshops at the Department of Dance at Vågsbygd upper secondary school, Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, QL2 Canberra, Ungdommens Kulturmønstring (UKM), as wells as self-administered classes and workshops on both beginner and advanced level.

Valuing cultural exchange, Lisa has undertaken internships in Australia and worked with artists in South Africa, and she is keen to further her participation in global art exchange.

Lisa’s work is defined by three ethical pillars; sustainability, women’s rights, and animal welfare. In practice, this means that she often up-cycles found and otherwise wasted materials and objects, works with natural products and is interested in the future of sustainable material-making. Going hand-in-hand with a sustainable approach and her belief in a circular economy, Lisa refrains from using animal products in the creation of her artwork. Equality is recurrently the core of her works, especially in regards to the spectrum of difficulties and issues faced by women.

Lisa has collaborated with a diversity of creators from the arts sector varying from a perfumer, fashion designers, clothing brands, musicians, curators, cinematographers, sculptors and performers. As a curator, Lisa has been able to take note of and promote forward-thinking contemporary artists and designers, such as live artists, spoken word artists, artists of moving image, innovation designers, ethical fashion brands, and a sustainable painter.

Ever keen on expanding her collaborative repertoire and working towards a sustainable future, she urges any interested parties with a social conscience and innovational ideas to get in touch.



  • Contemporary art

  • Performance and live art

  • Choreography for dance performances,
    events and fashion shows

  • Movement based sculptural and paint work

  • Installation art as residue of live art

  • Curation of events and exhibitions

  • Coaching of movement and body awareness

  • Poetic writing


Performances and Exhibitions

South London Gallery, 5th Base Gallery, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Highs and Lows, Torpedo Theater, Cape Town Creative Academy, Arteriet, Sugarfactory, Amsterdam Art Weekend, Revolve Festival, Cork Street Galleries


Transcendence (postponed due to Covid)

w/Lipika Bhargava
Physical and psychological experiences of inclusive bodies: Body as archive

25 East Gallery, New York

A Sustainable Future

Art, Fashion and Design
Circular economy and approaches

Sponsored by ChariTea, LemonAid, Artigianale Natural Prosecco, Cossac

Art featured in The Guardian in October 2020

Dyson Gallery, London


for fashion designer Yi Liao

Floating Landing, video

UAL: London College of Fashion

London, UK

for fashion designer Henna Aaltonen

Phantom Body, catwalk and Show Room

Royal College of Art Fashion Show

Cork Street Galleries, London

Location Manager

Dutch Dance Days

(NL: Nederlandse Dansdagen)


Public speaker, info and advice, guide

Maastricht, NL

Gallery Assistant

Galerie Espen Artdenor

Nordic art

Cannes, FR

Dance Teacher

UKS, Agder Fylke

Via Kristiansand Municipality

South Norway

Kat Henry, performance art

Canberra, AU

Alison Plevey, dance

Canberra Dance Theater


Canberra, AU

Mute Comp, physical theater

Copenhagen, DK

Conny Janssen, dance company


Rotterdam, NL

For a complete list of artworks, performance engagements, and related work, download Lisa's resumé or visit her online portfolio 



2019 - 2020

Parsons School of Design - New School

MFA Degree in Fine Arts, Minor in Design

5th Avenue, New York

2017 - 2019

Royal College of Art

Master's Degree in Fine Arts, Contemporary Art

Practice: Performance

South Kensington, London


Amsterdam University of the Arts

Exchange Guest at School of New Dance Development (SNDO), DeTheaterschool,

Amsterdam, NL


University of Amsterdam

Course Introduction Aesthetics

(NL: Inleiding Esthetica), DeTheaterschool)

Amsterdam, NL


Amsterdam University of the Arts

Bachelor's Degree in Dance,


Amsterdam, NL


Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School

Diploma in Dance, pre-education,

Copenhagen, DK



  • Grant for AiR participation, Cultiva Ekspress  2022

  • Grant for AiR participation, Cultiva Superekspresss 2022

  • Grant, pre-project (research), from Arts Council Norway, 2021

  • Workshop support from Cultiva Ekspress, 2021

  • Project support from Cultiva Ekspress, 2020

  • Educational scholarship from Kristiansand Municipality, 2018

  • Educational scholarship from Tom Wilhelmsen's Foundation, 2017

  • Grant, diversestipend, from Norwegian Arts Council, 2015

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